Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby I'm Back.

It’s Wednesday April 18, 2012. Notice the last time I posted was exactly one year ago today.

Happy One year anniversary of no post updates!!
The time has come to vanish those days of no satire writing and begin to tell you about my life in the big D. For those of you unfamiliar with this very intellectual and scientific terminology…the D stands for Dallas. And as in Dallas I mean Texas.  Howdy!

This is where I call home and have called home since August 2011. Yup. Just a year ago I was writing about days of no sleep and brain storming ways to keep a “normal” social life while regaining sanity due to my days and nights spent in the studio.  I now bring you a slightly less tired, smidge bit mature (at least from 8-5), and incredibly still single Anna with adventures ahead that will significantly make up for my year of neglect to you.

So…I know you are all so interested as to what I am doing in Dallas. Well, it has NOTHING to do with anything I have remotely EVER talked about nor studied.  I work for a wonderful company with a witty surrounding in a high-rise in downtown Dallas. I am in Sales and advertising and golly gee….I love it. But that’s all for the serious work talk…ah.

You can laugh now.

Stay tuned.

All my love and laughs,

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