Monday, November 22, 2010

a royal flush.

The events of last week were devastating and one in particular will change my life forever. So I’m going to make this short and sweet, using this post to vent. When I am finished I will never look back again. Therapeutic.
It’s official. I can stop pretending to have a British accent, stop practicing my wave from the car to screaming adoring fans, and stop acting intellectual by filling my conversations with fortune cookie sayings. Last week, my life took an unexpected turn for the worst.  I took myself to my room with a bowl of ice cream and refused to let reality set in; I am not going to marry Prince William.  Last week my Mom told me she wished I would date more…well Mom, I have been trying to date Prince William for the past 22 years. 
It took a solid 72 hours for my brain to comprehend this so called “royal” engagement. Yes people, somewhere in my body I was convinced that it would be me marrying Prince William, with my face on my own memorabilia China collection. My face could grace your presence at my favorite time of the day…dinner time. Special.
However, I never wanted to be Queen Elizabeth. I wanted to be Anna Elizabeth, The Wife of Prince William. This way England could rest at night knowing that I was not making any political decisions.  So, technically, if Kate Middleton wants to share her role, she can take the Queen's title and I will happily accept the responsibilities of the wifey side: going to social events, accepting beautiful dresses from fabulous designers, and of course hosting club openings and social gatherings. That’s my cup of tea.

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